Top Podman Commands: A Beginner's Guide to Key Commands

Podman is a powerful tool for managing containers on Linux systems. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out with containerization, mastering a few essential Podman commands can significantly improve your workflow.

Installing Podman

Before we dive into the essential Podman commands, let's quickly go through the installation process. Podman is available for different Linux distributions and can be installed using package managers like apt, yum, or dnf. For example, on a CentOS/RHEL system, use the following command:

sudo dnf install podman

On Ubuntu/Debian, use apt:

sudo apt install podman

Alternatively, you can build Podman from source code or use pre-built binaries available on the Podman GitHub repository .

Podman Command Basics

Here, we'll explore the top Podman commands you need to know, along with examples and practical explanations to help you understand their functionalities:

Running Containers

podman run ubuntu
podman run -it ubuntu bash
podman run --name my-webserver nginx

Inspecting Containers

podman inspect my-webserver
podman logs my-webserver

Managing Containers

podman start my-webserver
podman stop my-webserver
podman rm my-webserver
podman ps


podman pull ubuntu
podman images
podman rmi ubuntu

Volumes and Networks

podman create my-data-volume
podman network create my-network


podman run -p 80:80 nginx


Podman is continually evolving and adding new features, so be sure to check the official documentation for any updates or additional commands. Happy containerizing

These are just a few of the many Podman commands available. By familiarizing yourself with these basics, you can leverage the power of Podman to manage your containers efficiently and effectively.

In addition to the commands mentioned above, here are some other helpful Podman resources:

By mastering these top Podman commands, you can take your containerization skills to the next level.


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